The journal of the Cartographic society of the Slovak Republic

The journal of the Cartographic Society

of the Slovak Republic

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Cartographic Letters, 2017, 25 (2)

Ambrož, R., Drozda, J., Steinová, Š. (2017). Maps of deer-parks – specialized forestry maps and their changes in the course of time. Kartografické listy, 25 (2), 65-74.  (in Czech)

Paták, J. (2017). Digital Map Collection of the Faculty of Science of the Charles University. Kartografické listy, 25 (2), 75-86.  (in Czech)

Zápotocký, M., Slatkovská, Z., Koreň, M. (2017). Identification of forest cover dynamics from time series of orthophotos on the territory of the University Forest Enterprise. Kartografické listy, 25 (2), 87-98.  (in Slovak)


Kopecká, M. (2017). Barbara Petchenik Children’s World Map during the International Map Year. Kartografické listy, 25 (2), 99-103.  (in Slovak)

Fencík, R. (2017). Obituary of Ing. Pavol Kontra, PhD. Kartografické listy, 25 (2), 104-105.  (in Slovak)