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Tangible landscape: new forms of visualization and geospatial data interaction

Šupinský, J., Gallay, M., Hofierka, J., Bogľarský, J.: Tangible landscape: new forms of visualization and geospatial data interaction. Kartografické listy, 2021, 29 (2).

Abstract: The interest in new forms of visualization and interaction with geospatial data has grown in the last decade. While the display of virtual 3D models on screens lacks the sense of touch, integration of physical 3D models of the landscape and digital projection of geographical layers takes advantage of both visual and tactile perception. In this paper, we present a specific configuration of a geographic information system and physical 3D models termed a tangible landscape modeling system. We focus on the demonstration of its capabilities with models of a real urban landscape represented by a physical 3D model created by a 3D printer and scanned by the new Azure Kinect 3D scanner. The results show application in presenting the modelling of land surface temperature modeling in the city of Košice. Interaction with the system by the visitors and policy makers during a public event improved their understanding of the scientific content of the geospatial modelling in relation to the urban morphology and mitigation of consequences of climate change. The results show new possibilities of using the system for illustrative visualization and user interaction with geospatial data providing new tools for urban planning and management.

Keywords: Tangible Landscape, tangible user interfaces, land surface temperature, GRASS GIS