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Staré mapy Čech – vybrané aspekty kartografického jazyka

Mikšovský, M., Zimová, R.: Old maps of Bohemia – selected aspects of cartographic language. Kartografické listy, 2007, 15, 18 figs., 5 refs.

Abstract: The cartographic works, maps, map series, state map works, globes etc. represent a part of the national culture. The maps show the geographic picture of the landscape and its dynamic changes in given period. This claim applies especially to the period designated by the years from 1518 until 1720, when ancient maps of the Bohemian territory compiled by individual cartographers originated. The article presents an initial study of the research aimed at identification and assessment of regularities in successive evolution of cartographic language of investigated maps: the famous map of Bohemia of Nicolas Claudianus (1518) and further the maps of Bohemia of Criginger (1568), Aretin (1619) and Vogt (1712). Presented research is focused on depiction of settlements and geographical names on the maps.

Keywords: old maps, ancient map, map language, cartographic signs