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Myslim PASHA

Mapy v mierke 1:25 000 – predstava integrácie a spoločných štandardov na príklade Albánska

Pasha, M.: Maps at scale 1:25 000 – a vision to achieve integration and common standards: case of Albania. Kartografické listy, 2007, 15, 6 figs., 1 tab., 9 refs.

Abstract: The objective of this paper is to provide information on regional efforts in Albania to comply and convert the maps at the scale 1:25 000, into digital database according to NATO-standards, as a result of the intensive changes of land cover and society. After political vocation and “wind of change” to democracy, the mapping activities are not seen as a routine but the “mirror” of actuality and the future spectrum of developments. The 1:25 000 is a base map manageable for all studies on the environment and its impact assessment of national and regional planning projects. In addition, there have been specific efforts to revise these maps, as a strategic and technical goal to use the geoinformation and resources that have been gathered and prepared over the years in order to make it available for the economy and society. This work has already begun. In addition, the paper introduces a historical overview on the background and the evolution of the project, followed by a brief technical and combination of basic technology and priorities to store the databases of geographic information systems by using digital methods. The 1:25 000 mapping has a coherent intention of scientific & technical work, which is bringing a “new face” of Albanian geospace, with “boom changes” during transitory period. Finally, it shows different applications on generating and updating spatial database by using “old” vector maps and new digital orthophotos. The new technology has been continuous strategy to implement and combine digital workflow in progress as a more flexible method of cost reduction and user’s satisfaction. Of outstanding significance is the checking of final mapping product, accompanied with geometric assessment of the deviation errors. Problems, particularities, for the processes and phases are briefly described for each layer of map content, introducing them to the digital way.

Keywords: base map, digital database, vectorization, digital orthophotos, geometric assessment of the deviation errors, Albania