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Václav ČADA

Digitální katastrální mapy z pohledu funkce státního mapového díla

Čada, V.: Digital cadastral maps from standpoint of the State Map Series. Kartografické listy, 2007, 15, 1 tab., 10 refs.

Abstract: The paper deals with legislative and methodical conception of creating and managing the digital cadastral maps (DKM) in the Czech Republic. Digital cadastral maps should replace disunited and heterogenous series of analogue cadastral maps which are insufficient in the era of digital technologies. Digitalization is an imperative condition for adequate application of the Cadastral Information System (ISKN) which has been built up in the sector of the Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre (COSMC) from 1996. Results of the COSMC pilot projects from 2000 – 2004 and author´s cooperation on the „Guidelines for renewal of cadastral documentation by recomputation of the File of geodetic information and for its management“ were used in this paper. Overview of work sequence and state-of-art of digitalization of the File of geodetic information (D-SGI) is presented, too. Attention is paid to the contents of DKM and methods for its object updating. Project of the Reference map of Parcels as a temporary solution of accessibility of cadastral maps on internet is also illustrated in this paper. Digitalization and DKM management will influence the development of large scale maps and information systems created over the land parcel data model in the Czech Republic for a long time. That is why this process cannot be comprehended restrictedly as a matter of cadastre only.

Keywords: state maps series, base map, thematic map, cadastral map, digitalization, land parcel data model