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Müllerovy mapy českých zemí, jejich digitalizace a zpracování pro internetovou vizualizaci

Krejčí, J., Cajthaml, J.: Müller’s maps of the Czech lands, their digitizing and processing for internet visualization. Kartografické listy, 2007, 15, 6 figs., 1 tab., 7 refs.

Abstract: Müller’s maps of the Czech lands are important part of the cartographic and art history. They are not just beautifully and well made, but also part of the living heritage, which have been attracting the attention of people for centuries. Apart from that, they have significantly contributed to the development of cartography. Converting the map of 25 sheets into one united map brings better clarity. Georeferencing significantly improves the possibilities of comparing the map with the present situation. They show evolution of the landscape as well as a human settlement. Moreover, publication of the map on the Internet makes it accessible to academics and to the general public. Thus they make a valuable contribution to popularization of cartography and increase interest in maps.

Keywords: old maps, Müller’s maps of Czech lands, map processing, cartometric analysis, georeferencing, transform, web visualization