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Pozvánka na environmentálnu mapovú súťaž Asahikawa

Himiyama, Y.: Invitation to the Asahikawa Environmental Map Contest. Kartografické listy, 2008, 16, 2 figs., 5 refs.

Abstract: The Asahikawa Environmental Map Contest, which is the largest and the only nationwide educational map contest in Japan, has been developing since its birth in 1991, with remarkable achievements. The primary objectives of this educational event are to enhance environmental awareness of school children, improving their skills of on-site observation and mapping, map-making and map-reading. This paper reviews its achievements, especially in environmental education, map education and comprehensive science education, and discusses the significance and prospect of this unique educational challenge.

Keywords: environmental map, environmental education, map education, geography education, science education, synthetic study, environmental problem, lifelong learning, multi-scale