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Aplikace GIS ve zpracování hydrografických a sozologických map Polska

Absalon, D.: Application of GIS in hydrographic and environmental maps of Poland. Kartografické listy, 2008, 16, 3 figs., 12 refs.

Abstract: The Environmental Map of Poland produced within the framework of the State Land Information System was one of the earliest maps in Poland which were elaborated using GIS tools. In the 1990s, an analogue (paper) and digital environmental map was prepared with the use of GIS tools. Digital and analogue hydrographic maps have been created since 1998. Environmental map is a thematic cartographic compilation which, in spatial expression and on the basis of scientific and objective assessment, presents the state of natural environment as well as the causes and effects of environment transformations (both negative and positive) taking place in the environment under the influence of various activities. It also presents the methods of protecting environmental values. Hydrographic map is a thematic map which presents, in a synthetic depiction, conditions of water circulation in connection with geographical environment, the degree of economic investment of the land and its transformation. Digital versions of thematic maps enable us to realize basic GIS functions: data input and storage, its completion and update as well as making analyses.

Keywords: GIS, cartography, thematic map, hydrology, environmental protection