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Jaromír KAŇOK

Časté chyby v klimatických a hydrologických mapách

Kaňok, J.: Frequent mistakes in climatic and hydrologic maps. Kartografické listy, 2008, 16, 3 figs., 12 refs.

Abstract: Since the antique period the cartographic rules, principles, precepts and recommendation were created and refined. During two thousand years the formulation of these rules were specified to form which it has nowadays. The practice espoused the necessity of these rules. Maps are the special medium for figuration of huge content of areal information. If these rules are broken, it leads to wrong reading and incorrect interpretation of space and phenomena figuration. The person who forms the map should avoid these mistakes and respect the rules of thematic cartography and cartography as a whole. The article is focused on frequent mistakes in meteorology, climatology and hydrology sphere.

Keywords: mistakes in maps, meteorology, climatology, hydrology