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Instructions for authors

The paper should contain the following: the article’s title, the author’s name with the title(s) and full address of the worksite or residence, including the e-mail address, the abstract (10–20 lines), keywords (7–10), the entire text written in the MS Word divided into chapters; the charts, tables and figures, etc. supplied with the relevant explanatory text, the list of references, the summary (of about ½ to one page). All figures must be send in color together with their grey scale version (in BMP or TIF, 300-600 DPI). The PDF format of the article is also required.

The MS Word file with a template article and all relevant imprints can be found on the web site:

The articles not arranged as required in imprints will not be accepted. Please send all files on the e-mail address: kartografickelisty[at]


template article


The deadline for the manuscripts receiving is by January 15th and July 15th (each year).


Publication ethics and publication malpractice statement

The author(s) guarantee(s) that the manuscript was not and will not be published anywhere else or in any other language. Presented scientific results are to be essentially new (with the exception of the information), pictures and tables are also to be original. Copies of any images from other publications must by legalized by obtaining rights for the publication. The exclusive copyright of a manuscript publishing is transferred to the publishers with the acceptance and publication of the manuscript in Kartografické listy (Cartographic Letters). For more info see Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement.


Copyright statement of the Cartographic Letters


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