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Aktualizácia a tvorba navigačnej mapy v softvérovom prostredí Map Creator

Ďuračiová, R., Jakócsová, V., Verešová, S.: Updating and creation of the navigation map in the Map Creator software environment. Kartografické listy, 2017, 25 (2).

Abstract: Regular updating of maps is necessary to use them for navigation. HERE is a company which provides map for navigation and enables people around the world not only use but also to map the places where they live. Map Creator is the map editing tool used to update the HERE maps. It allows edit roads, places, house numbers, etc. The aim of this work is to briefly introduce the Map Creator software application and then, from the perspective of the ordinary user, update the road network map using a tablet for data collection. As a case study, we updated the map of the road network in Šaľa (town in west Slovakia, 50 km east of Bratislava, with about 20.000 inhabitants). The creation of new roads and update of existing objects were mainly based on satellite images or GNSS traces. The result is the updated map of higher quality, which allows better orientation and navigation in the city and is also useful for development of tourism and trade.

Keywords: road network map, navigation, HERE WeGo, Map Creator