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Geometrické plány – historický prehľad

Hudecová, Ľ.: Survey sketches – historical review. Kartografické listy, 2017, 25 (2).

Abstract: Materials that were previously utilized for actualization of survey documentation of stable cadastre did not have a definite name until the term “survey sketch“(SS) was established in 1964. There are still reasons to utilize even the oldest survey sketches from the year 1885 to this day. This paper includes an overview of technological and legislative rules of SS creation from the Stable Cadastre, Czech-Slovak Land Cadastre, Uniform Land Registry, Real Estate Registry and Real Estate Cadastre. The paper includes development of surveying and calculation methods, contents and rules of SS documentation. Today SS is a technical base for legal matters and base for changes in cadastral documentation. SS displays real estates that are created through division and merging of real estates, new land parcel numbers, parcel areas, type of land use and other information that are recorded in the cadastre of real estate. Due to digitalization of cadastral documentation since 1996 SS includes both analogue and digital parts.

Keywords: survey sketch, cadastral map, cadastral documentation, method of detailed measurements, land parcel number, parcel area, map verification, proof of authentification of survey sketch