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Historická ortofotomapa Slovenska – analýza polohovej presnosti a jej aplikácie pri identifikácii parciel

Kardoš, M., Tuček, J., Slatkovská, Z., Tomaštík, J.: The historical orthophotomap of Slovakia – analysis of the positional accuracy and its application in identification of parcels. Kartografické listy, 2017, 25 (2).

Abstract: The historical orthophotomap covers whole territory of the Slovak Republic and was created from the aerial photos from the period before collectivisation of agricultural land (1949-1952). Technical University in Zvolen obtained a multi-license of database for unlimited use and publication within the project Centre of Excellence for Decision Support in Forest and Country. One part of the requirements for the process of public procurement was to achieve the positional accuracy of the displayed elements in the terrain plane defined by the criterion RMSE (mxy ≤ 3 m). We analysed reaching of defined parameters by the comparison of coordinates of identified points in actual and the historical ortophotomap. The quality of the selected points in actual orthophotomap was checked using the accurate vector data from cadastre. In addition, we focused on the evaluation of qualitative aspect of the historical orthophotomap, including identification of errors in seamline areas, as well as the errors resulting from the orthorectification process. We also deal with other application of the historical orthophotomap in the field of forestry, geodesy, cartography and cadastre. One of them is the possibility of identification of the boundaries of the original lots displayed in the old cadastral maps in selected cadastral districts. We also focused on the other applications like its utilization in the land consolidations, where it can be applied within the landscape analysis and planning and designing new lots.

Keywords: historical orthophotomap, positional accuracy, photogrammetry, cadastral maps, land consolidation