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Scanning old maps

Zeman, M., Kusendová, D.: Scanning old maps. Kartografické listy, 2015, 23 (2).

Abstract: The International Cartographic Association dedicated the year of 2016 as the International Map Year ( In relation to this activity, the Cartographic Association of the Slovak Republic organized a scholarly event promoting old analogous maps and their preservation by the methods of digitizing. The invited representatives of the hosting Slovak Environment Agency in Banská Bystrica and other speakers from universities delivered various talks on archiving and cataloguing maps in Slovakia. They also explained methods of digital processing of the old maps and their application in contemporary decision making, landscape research and importance for historical cartography. The event involved an important part of announcing a public Call for rescuing old maps by non-profit scanning and further professional assistance for all those interested in preservation of old cartographic heritage in Slovakia. More information on the organized seminar, call, and future events within the International Map Year are published on the website of the Cartographic Association of the Slovak Republic

Keywords: old map, international map years, scanning, digitalization