The journal of the Cartographic society of the Slovak Republic

The journal of the Cartographic Society

of the Slovak Republic

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Cartographic Letters, 2020, 28 (1)


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Ič, T., Faixová Chalachanová, J. (2020). Extension of box counting method for calculating fractal dimension of digital raster surfaces. Kartografické listy, 28 (1), 3-14.  (in Slovak)

Moravčík, F., Benová, A. (2020). Analysis of the occurrence of selected landscape elements in part of the region with scattered settlement on Myjava. Kartografické listy, 28 (1), 15-29.  (in Slovak)


Fencík, R. (2020). Activities in cartography 2019 dedicated to Ján Pravda. Kartografické listy, 28 (1), 30-32.  (in Slovak)