The journal of the Cartographic society of the Slovak Republic

The journal of the Cartographic Society

of the Slovak Republic

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Cartographic Letters, 2015, 23 (2)


Cover, imprint and other pages

Filo, B., Kuťková, M. (2015). Morphometric analysis Tribeč and Pohronský Inovec region. Kartografické listy, 23 (2), 53-73.  (in Slovak)

Rybár, M., Bačík, V. (2015). Examples of the use of JavaScript libraries for the creation of thematic maps on the Internet. Kartografické listy, 23 (2), 74-91.  (in Slovak)


Zeman, M., Kusendová, D. (2015). Scanning old maps. Kartografické listy, 23 (2), 92-96.  (in Slovak)

Fencík, R. (2015). Jubilant Assoc. Prof. Ing. Milan Hájek, PhD. Kartografické listy, 23 (2), 97-104.  (in Slovak)