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Instructions for authors

Manuscript of an article is to be accepted in a set template of MS Word.


Template for authors


Author’s statement


The papers are accepted in either Slovak, Czech, or English language, with an extended resume. A filled out author’s statement is needed to be attached with the template, as well as the picture files, and tables in a required format and resolution.

It is required to follow the structure of paper in the following order: title, name of the author (authors), abstract (10 to 20 lines briefly describing the goals, and results of the article), key words (5 to 7 words), author’s data ( author’s name with all his\her titles, complete name and address of workplace, or personal postal address, e-mail), structured text of the article, bibliography, summary (a shortened text of an article, 0,5 to 1,5 pages long), text accompanying the pictures and tables, and their translation. The division of text into parts with hierarchical numbering, indication of literature in the text, and its list at the end of a paper, as well as other instructions are listed in the Template for authors.


The translation into English is arranged by the author himself. The editorial office doesn’t accept articles that don’t meet the given instructions.

Please send the papers to: kartografickelisty[at]


The editorial deadline for the manuscripts to be provided is annually January 15 (for the first publication), and July 15, (for the second publication), or in other terms, after an agreement with the editorial office.


Legal conditions

The author/authors guarantee, that the article was not, and will not be published elsewhere, even in a different language. The presented scientific results, as well as all the attachments (pictures and tables) are original, and new, with the exception of information. The copies of attachments from other publications need to have legalized rights for publishing. The publisher reserves the exclusive right to publish a manuscript, by its acceptance, and publishing in the Kartograficke listy magazine. For other information please see the part Publication ethics and publication malpractice statement.


Editorial Board