The journal of the Cartographic society of the Slovak Republic

The journal of the Cartographic Society

of the Slovak Republic

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Cartographic Letters, 2019, 27 (2)


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Barvíř, R., Voženílek, V., Vondráková, A. (2019). Map load – approaches to definition and measures. Kartografické listy, 27 (2), 39-50.  (in Czech)

Fencík, R., Lieskovský, T., Kačmárová, B. (2019). Reconstruction of the transport network of the second military mapping. Kartografické listy, 27 (2), 51-71.  (in Slovak)

Lemenkova, P. (2019). Automatic data processing for visualising Yap and Palau Trenches by Generic Mapping Tools. Kartografické listy, 27 (2), 72-89.  (in English)


Kopecká, M. (2019). Successful representation of Slovakia in Barbara Petchenik Children’s World Map Com-petition. Kartografické listy, 27 (2), 90-93.  (in Slovak)